Delicate Their feet barely touching the ground. Their back straight, walking like they own the world, but not this world, a different world, one with magical creatures. The light breeze only helping them look like they are walking on a cloud. It looks as if they could snap at any moment. Her Alluring (describe scent […]

Over the hill flourished with colourful flowers lays a house, an old house, surrounded by dead leafless trees. Between the house and I a light wind blows the crunchy leaves so they fly and twirl in a mysterious way. Underneath the leaves lays a carcass, no flesh or skin just bones, a pile of bone […]

The twinkling white dots sparkle in the luminescence of the now unseeable sun. The white snow glistens in hazel brown eyes. The smell of the dewy, frosty grass seeping through the large window. Thin blades of grass getting their nutritious servings of water. The shadow of the frozen trampoline prints itself on the neighbouring house. […]

Should the new MAC uniform have a tie? S – Throughout New Zealand there is a large amount of schools where ties are compulsory, but not at MAC. E – Mount Aspiring Colleges’ uniform is quite casual and some would say we need to be more formal. At the moment the girls uniform is a […]

“Come cordial and not poison, go with me.” – Romeo An interesting word in this quote is ‘cordial’ this is because it can mean a pleasant tasting medicine. In this quote it could mean that his poison he is going to use is actually medicine but he is going to overdose. If that was the […]

“…I defy you stars!” – Romeo One word that I find interesting in this quote is the word ‘defy’. This is because it can mean to appear to beĀ  challenging someone to prove something. In this text that would refer to how Romeo has just been told that Juliet is dead and how he wants […]

“I’ll go to the Friar to know his remedy; If all else fail, myself have power to die.” – Juliet On its own this quote seems to refer to Juliet wanting to go to the Friar to find a remedy for the situation she is in. She also says that if she can’t then she […]

“Delay this marriage for a month, a week, or if you don’t, make the bridal bed in that dim moment where Tybalt lies.” – Juliet On its own this quote points to the fact that Juliet wants the marriage to be postponed otherwise she would rather die. The word ‘dim’ in this tense refersĀ to a […]

“I would the fool were married to her grave.” – Lady Capulet On its own the quote seems to point to how she will not get married until she is dead. The word ‘fool’ in this quote can be seen be seen in multiple ways. The first way is looking at it in the obvious […]

“Is love an invention created by humans?” Yes because the word ‘love’ is an invention by humans because humans created the word/term ‘love’. We defined a certain feeling for someone as the word ‘love’. The feeling was however not an invention because that is a natural occurrence in our body. Other animals also love which […]