Their feet barely touching the ground. Their back straight, walking like they own the world, but not this world, a different world, one with magical creatures. The light breeze only helping them look like they are walking on a cloud. It looks as if they could snap at any moment. Her

Alluring (describe scent coming from the kitchen)

The fragrance filling my cosy room, making me hungry. One deep breath in through my mouth is all it takes to be able to taste the savouring flavour wafting around the house. My stomach wants to go but my body refuses, sunken into a thousand blankets. The scent getting stronger as it lingers in my closed room, no way to escape. The scratching of plates, bubbling of water and splash of water into the silver sink drifts through the house, reaching my room. My legs getting closer to the door, forcing my body to follow. The tips of my fingers rub against the cold metal handle as the door opens. Suddenly the fragrance hits my body, tickling my skin as it rushes past, needing to fill every patch with this flavoursome scent. It’s clearer now, I can tell what’s cooking. My mouth watering as I imagine the decadent meat melting in my mouth and the crackling cracking in my mouth. I wander downstairs eagerly, the shining plates with delicious looking food placed perfectly on catches my eyes.

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