“I’ll go to the Friar to know his remedy; If all else fail, myself have power to die.” – Juliet

On its own this quote seems to refer to Juliet wanting to go to the Friar to find a remedy for the situation she is in. She also says that if she can’t then she will die.

The word ‘remedy’ can mean to set right a situation which in this text would mean about Romeo having to leave because he has been exiled. It can also mean a medicine or treatment for a disease or injury. In this text that would point to the fact the Juliet is heartbroken and hopes that the Friar can do something about that.

As a whole this quote points to the fact that Juliet is upset about Romeo being exiled and wants the Friar to help. She also says how if she can’t do something she would rather die then live a life without Romeo.

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