Should the new MAC uniform have a tie?

S – Throughout New Zealand there is a large amount of schools where ties are compulsory, but not at MAC.

E – Mount Aspiring Colleges’ uniform is quite casual and some would say we need to be more formal. At the moment the girls uniform is a white shirt with clots in the summer and kilts in the winter. The boys uniform is a grey shirt and grey shorts. During this specific time the committee is reviewing our uniform and seeing if it needs to be changed. If we were to change into something more formal it would be a very smart idea to include a tie. This is because would teach us how to tie a tie, which would help us in the future if we had an important business meeting, fancy dinner or something else important.

X – A study done by Mount Aspiring College showed that 49% of students wanted to change the uniform. The other 51% of students either wanted to keep it the same or get rid of the uniform all together. This percentage shows that 49% of students do not like or don’t feel comfortable in what they are wearing, or feel like something is wrong with it.

Y – If the uniform were to changed it would be best to mix casual and formal together. Most teenagers these days wouldn’t want to wear something most schools wear but if it was something casual and a nice tie, with the option of a hoodie for everyday school and a blazer for fancy or important events. Having these options would most likely please everyone, and it would also look nice.

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